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Pressures of Life now also available in the Garden Room at St Mawes offering the treatments found below.
Sarah can still be found working at Hotel Tresanton where she has been part of the therapist team since 2011 treating guests and non residents.

Many thanks to those who grabbed their January 2024 Roseland Magazine and enjoyed their £15 New Year discount for a treatment in the Garden Room.

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Holistic Massage

Massage alleviates the effects of stress by inducing deep relaxation. Over time, muscle fibres maintain memories of over contraction that leads to tension.


Traditional massage techniques can coax muscles into relaxing and therefore enabling a wider range of movement.
An hour's massage can focus on your back, neck and shoulders or otherwise your back, legs, abdomen, face, arms & scalp but with less emphasis/depth. £75 


Reflexology is a therapy that highlights imbalances in different parts of the body. Techniques used on the feet can break down energy blockages and help cleanse the body by flushing out toxins.


A powerful antidote to stress that has relieved symptoms of many conditions and boosted internal systems of the body to help maintain health.
Hand Reflexology self-treatment tips are offered to improve efficiency of weaker areas of the body through a daily boost. £75



Holistic massage using specific essential oils to relieve symptoms of a variety of conditions; also recognised as an excellent stress reliever. Essential oils extracted from plants possess therapeutic properties that can help improve both physical and emotional wellbeing. Although the oils are extracted from nature, they are powerful, so advice on their use at home needs to be noted and they should only be used on you. £80

'Essentials Experience' Aromatherapy

A one-off deluxe Aromatherapy treatment developed for the individual and found to be great for discovering a little more about yourself.  Ideal for a special occasion or as a gift, for someone whose sense of smell to be very important to them. Up to 2 hrs including consultation.
Includes some of your oil blend to take home. £135

Essentials Experience.png


Pressures of Life was established in 1995 offering Complementary therapies in Oxfordshire and as horizons widen moved to Cornwall and began to teach as well. Starting with a 10 week short course in Reflexology students learnt how to treat friends and family.  Conditions they were keen to treat included helping with stress-related infertility and enuresis (bedwetting in children). A distance-learning pack was created for parents, to support them carrying out a Reflexology treatment on their children with the latter.

In 1999 Sarah Blackwell (founder of Pressures of Life) began teaching in college too giving rise in 2004 to develop of the 13th Foundation Degree in Complementary Health Therapies in the country.  As part of her students' experience they got involved in Massage in Schools programme when over the next three years saw 'Massage Circles' around Pudsy Bear for Children in Need at the Eden Project to gain sponsorship monies for Children in Need and to gain publicity for the MISP.  After seeing the benefits of massage on youngsters Sarah took students into the workplace with the 'Cornish Massage'.  To show how this massage routine created for adults could be enjoyed, carried out over clothes in a space of 10-15 minutes.  It was learnt easily by work colleagues to ease stress and to carry out on each other during a break time. 

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